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Richfield's City Council has put the stamp of approval on the city's first condominium project but will wait until after the special session of the Utah Legislature on April 19 to determine what impact fees will be charged.

Council members initially planned to delay the project pending further action on the issue by legislators, but then changed their minds. They directed City Administrator Woody Farnsworth and City Attorney Ken Chamberlain to work out a compromise with Houston Construction so that the project could proceed.The developer agreed to pay impact fees that will be determined by the City Council within the next three months. The council agreed that the fees wouldn't exceed $2,000 per unit.

A bill was approved during the regular session of the Utah Legislature altering impact fee procedures. It was vetoed by Gov. Mike Leavitt but will be reconsidered at the special legislative session.

Also during the special council session, lively discussions ensued with owners of private golf carts at the Cove View Municipal Golf Course. Councilmen James Forsey and Chet Thompson were assigned to study the issue and submit recommendations to the council.

More than 40 private cart owners are disgruntled about the council announcing it would double fees. They said they want to know what lies in the future for private carts and suggested decreasing fees for senior citizens.

The council previously announced it would increase private cart fees from $150 to $300. Privately owned golf carts have been in use and kept in an open shelter for more than two decades, since shortly after the course was built.

The City Council is leaning toward expanding the course to 18 holes and also approved a significant increase this year in green fees.