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Your article on April 15 titled, " `Divorce school' helps parents cope" carried an Associated Press byline, which explains why it didn't give Utah the credit for divorce education programs that it so richly deserves.

Divorce education was pioneered in Salt Lake City by Elizabeth Hickey, who runs the Divorce and Mediation Center. She was instrumental in persuading legislators to establish first a pilot program and then later expanding it statewide on a mandatory basis.To illustrate the good this program has done would require a full page of superlatives. So I will merely make the understatement that the program has done more for the children of divorce than any other previous effort.

I'm sure there are many people involved in this program who I haven't had the opportunity to meet. While hoping not to diminish their contributions, I would like to bring special attention not only to Hickey, but also to Dr. Valerie Hale, who was instrumental in the design and implementation of the program. These very special women have made an absolutely stunning contribution to our modern society.

It should also not be overlooked that these pioneers are being consulted by other states just now implementing these programs. The least they can do is give credit where it's due. Bravo!

Jim Anderson

Salt Lake City