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Attorneys representing the former principal of Grantsville High School say he will plead guilty Thursday to some of the 34 criminal charges filed against him.

C. Randall Houk is accused of using school funds to purchase building and landscaping materials for his home under the guise of improving the school's football field and constructing a "ticket building/concession stand," according to court records."I'm not at liberty to discuss the specifics but we anticipate a plea arrangement," said defense attorney Richard Van Wagoner.

Houk, 44, is scheduled to appear Thursday at 9 a.m. before a 3rd District judge in Tooele. He is charged with 16 counts of misusing public funds, one count of theft by deception and 17 counts of theft.

Plea arrangements typically involve the dismissal of several counts in exchange for guilty pleas to one or more counts.