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The new Layton post office, under construction at 1123 N. Fairfield Road, is ahead of schedule and could open as early as mid-August.

According to Layton Postmaster Val Zufelt, the 25,000-square-foot building could be completed up to a month early. "We're a little ahead of schedule," Zufelt said. "It's coming along great. The whole town is excited."Zufelt said he had hoped Layton's new facility could open ahead of Bountiful's new post office, but that won't happen.

He said he's especially excited because the Layton office will include 45 parking stalls, in contrast to the six at the current Gentile Street office that serves the city of 50,000.

Zufelt is also happy the $3.4 million Layton office will be a new full-service post office, like the one in Salt Lake's ZCMI Center, but it will be larger.

He describes this as a new concept in post offices where customers are free to shop at their own pace in a grocery-store-like atmosphere. Wall exhibits will display the stamps and items for sale and customers will take what they want, thus avoiding the long lines in regular post offices.

Zufelt hopes to have a grand opening of the new facility before Labor Day.

After the new facility, located in almost the exact geographic center of the city, is open, Zufelt said, the current satellite office on Hill Field Road will close.

However, he's working on getting another satellite facility - possibly on North Main Street - closer to the west side of the city.