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The Granite Education Foundation has elected 12 new members to serve one-year terms on its board of directors.

The foundation for the state's largest school district provides additional technology for schools, honors outstanding teachers, provides scholarships and supports education in the district.The new members include: Delpha Baird, a former state senator, who has served as a member of the general board of the Primary, the children's organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the Child Abuse and Neglect Advisory Council; former Gov. Norm Bangerter, who served many years in the state Senate and was chairman of the Western Governors Association; J. Larry Bradshaw, immediate past president of the foundation and former president of the Granite Board of Education; Mark Eaton, former Utah Jazz basketball star and chairman of Preparing Adolescents to Achieve in the Community; G. Frank Joklik, former president and CEO of Kennecott Corp. and a leader in the Salt Lake Olympic bid; Robert Keener, recently retired president of Northwest Pipeline who has been honored for longtime service to the United Way.

Rick Majerus, University of Utah basketball coach who helped coach Dream Team Two last summer; Henry Marsh, an attorney, a former Olympian in the steeplechase and motivational speaker for Franklin Quest; Jed H. Pitcher, chairman and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah who serves on the board of directors of Ballet West and the Utah Symphony; Orin L. Richards, CEO of Programmed Insurance Marketing Inc. who has headed four insurance companies during his career; Harris H. Simmons, president and CEO of Zions Bancorporation who serves as a member of the Governor's Task Force on Housing and chairs the finance committee of the Utah Centennial Committee; and Hyrum W. Smith, chairman and CEO of Franklin Quest who has been active in Boy Scouts, the Utah Federation for Drug-Free Youth and takes anti-drug messages to local high schools.