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The top maker of yogurt in the United States is considering two Salt Lake Valley sites for a $40 million manufacturing plant.

Officials in West Jordan and West Valley City have been wooing Dannon Company Inc. for the project, which would offer a boon to economic development districts in both cities.Dannon, based in Tarryton, N.Y., announced its interest Tuesday in a Utah home for the plant, which initially will employ 125 workers and as many as 180 by 1999. Dannon plans to complete the project sometime next year.

"They're good community players and a good production employer. We're very interested in them and hope they choose us," West Jordan City Manager Dan Dahlgren said Wednesday.

The Dannon plant would sit on 60 acres at 9290 South and 6200 West where the city is fleshing out plans for an economic development district Dahlgren envisions as a bustling business park. "They would be a solid anchor for the district. They're just the type of production facility we're interested in," he said. "Their image is conducive to our idea for a business park."

Details about property-tax reimbursements and other incentives aren't firm pending a public hearing about the district, Dahlgren said.

In West Valley City, Dannon would join Frito-Lay Inc. and Banner Aerospace, both of which have facilities under construction at the West Ridge Commerce Park. Dannon is looking at a site near 4700 South and 6400 West.

"They're a major company with a lot of prestige, good jobs and a good, quality product," said Bob Buchanan, the city's redevelopment agency administrator. "We're delighted they're looking at that area of the city and that area of the park."

Dannon also is evaluating a city in southern Idaho and will choose a site by mid-May, according to officials.