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Road construction begun last summer at Bryce Canyon on the southern end of the main park road is scheduled to resume in early April, weather permitting.

The southernmost eight miles of the park road, from Farview to Rainbow Point, will remain closed until the work is completed, which is expected to be in early September. The road is being widened, and all overlook parking areas are being expanded to accommodate more private vehicles as well as larger tour buses and recreational vehicles.Also scheduled for construction this summer is the Bryce Point parking area at the northern end of the park. That project will begin in early April and is also scheduled for completion in September. During construction, the view point will be closed to all vehicles but will be accessible by the Rim Trail.

The park will again have a shuttle system operating from June through August. The main staging area for the shuttle will be just outside the park at Ruby's Inn. A small fee is charged, but those who board outside the park do not need to pay an additional entrance fee.

The most popular view points, Sunrise, Sunset, Inspiration and Farview, will not be affected by the construction.