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Two high school officials have lost their posts because they gave hundreds of students A's for a class that had no teachers, no attendance and no work.

Some students signed up to take the Peer Assistance and Leadership course as many as four times a day.Sunset High School Principal Michael Stiles and Dean of Instruction Zulema Ortiz were negligent in their grading policies, said Superintendent Chad Woolery. He said they went ahead with the program despite three warnings.

Woolery said the school used the leadership class to fill students' schedules because it did not offer enough elective courses.

"I think in some cases students were running out of things to take," he said.

No students will be penalized, he said.

Stiles and Ortiz are on paid suspensions, Woolery said. No decision had been made yet on whether they will be fired or demoted.

Both have repeatedly declined to comment, and neither replied to calls.

Parent Cindy Barnes said school district officials were pointing fingers everywhere but at themselves.

"They've got to have a scapegoat," she said. "I just don't think it's fair."