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Dame Lucie Rie, one of Britain's best-known potters, died at her home Saturday at the age of 93, a close friend said.

Cyril Frankel, a director of Bonhams auctioneers, said Rie's health had deteriorated after she suffered a stroke five years ago."She was Britain's greatest living potter and her work was known around the world," he said. "She created new forms, colors, glazes and techniques and had a high standard of excellence."

The Austrian-born potter trained at the Kunstwerbeschule in Vienna and moved to Britain in 1938.

Rie's works were featured in museums around the world. The Metropolitan Museum in New York is currently showing her pottery in an exhibition with Hans Coper, with whom she shared a studio.

Her work, which includes stoneware, tin-glazed earthenware and porcelain, influenced many others.