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Robert was born May 5, 1987. He likes books, loves to learn and is a creative child. His social worker says he's a likable boy who can be affectionate and loving. Although he sometimes antagonizes other children, Robert often offers to help them.

He likes adults, but due to past experiences of abuse, he doesn't initially trust them.Testing indicates that Robert has an average IQ and he is working at a first-grade level, although he is slightly behind.

Robert has been in two foster homes, an adoptive home and has had two psychiatric hospitalizations. He takes medication for depression. His adoptive parents felt they didn't have the resources to take care of Robert's special needs. A white, two-parent family where Robert would be the youngest child is preferred. Having been rejected twice, he needs a family that can make a strong commitment to him and be patient while he learns to trust them.

Financial assistance is available.