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Since Amtrak's announcement of service cuts in December, several states have been negotiating with the railroad to use state and local money and save some of the routes that were originally targeted for elimination.

While the Montrealer train from New York to Montreal via Vermont will stop operating next month, a new service, the Vermonter, is scheduled to offer daily service between Washington and St. Albans, Vt., with bus service to Montreal.One of two daily trips between St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo., will be retained, as will three of the five daily "Capital corridor" round trips on the Roseville-to-Sacramento-to-San Jose line in California.

Daily service between Detroit to Pontiac, which was originally scheduled to be eliminated next month, has been preserved by Amtrak without the help of state or local money.

Service between Atlantic City and Philadelphia is scheduled to be discontinued next month, as originally announced in December.