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The Sunday Anderson Tap Dancers are more than a dance and entertainment troupe.

Troupe members range in age from 62 to over 80. They've been performing for 14 years at elementary schools, nursing homes and hospitals because those places do not have entertainment budgets.In the elementary schools, the dancers have a chance for intergenerational activities. They have teamed with students of Franklin Elementary School to do the decorations for the county Christmas tree and provided entertainment.

They faithfully practice two hours a day, five days a week. They also design and sew their costumes.

It's the season to do taxes. If you are low-income or elderly and can't afford professional tax help, volunteers trained by the IRS can help with simple tax returns. Assistance is available at several sites around the community. Call the Information and Referral Center at 978-3333.

For information about listings in the Helping Hand column, call 978-2452.

Need volunteer with nursing background to help man with quadriplegia. Flexible times.

Cook meals and serve the homeless.

Tutor men, women and children.

Evaluate computer system and train staff.

Do clerical, telephone work.

Prepare objects for storage and exhibits at museum. Computer data entry, paper records and inventory tracking.

Prepare document and photograph collections for library.

Help with "Moon Over Monte Carlo" benefit to help hungry people. Training. Event is April 28 from 7 p.m. to midnight.

Visit 69-year-old shut in.

Enrich students' lives in art and music. Assist in classrooms one or two hours a week.

Clerical assistant at health department. Flexible times.

Spanish-speaking volunteer needed to help care center residents.

Adopt and maintain a rosebed. Training. 9-11 a.m.

Join disaster action team. Training. Respond to small-scale disasters in your community.

Sew clothes for newborn intensive care unit patients.

Clean up Jordan River. April 22.

Help build golf course. May 13.

Police department needs carpenter.

Help with registration and lunch service for ethnic conference April 21 and 22.

Kitchen help needed at senior center. Up to two hours a day.

Volunteer with outdoor rec-reation program, helping with whitewater rafting.

Advocate for people with disabilities. Fourteen hours a month.

Sew cushion covers and do Velcro adaptation of clothing.

Be a support group facilitator for children who are grieving the loss of a parent or friends. Training.

Entertain residents at care center.

Assist in outpatient surgery, emergency and other hospital departments. Must be 18 or older.

Deliver food boxes to and visit elderly residents in Salt Lake City, West Jordan and West Valley.

Help elderly and disabled people with yard work.

Teach staff basic applications of Quattro Pro and/or Paradox for Windows. Flexible times.

Provide office support at food bank. Three or four hours a week.

Act as a communications link between agencies served by food bank.

Be an adviser to young men who have attended Job Corps. Training.

Answer phones, help in office. Flexible times.

Volunteer in resource room for American Cancer Society. Training. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Tutor children in ESL program. Daytime.

Mentor elementary-age children.

Players needed for harmonica band.

Guide visitors at zoo. Training.

Provide office support.

Refer victims to agencies that can help them.

Plan fund-raiser for woman with fibrocystic disease who needs a transplant.

Assist with infant who has heart problems.

Little boy with Down syndrome needs someone to play with, sing to him.

Help with bookkeeping. Flexible times, training.

Paint and clean up building used as clubhouse.

Assist with central city citizen center.

Help schools relate to each other.

Provide office help to seniors program. Computer experience helpful. Transportation available.

Help state with special library.

Do office work and learn about state government.

Paint and clean up picnic tables and farm. Once or twice a week.

Clean activity barn two or three hours a week.

Supervise preschoolers in day care. Three hours a day, Monday through Thursday, while parents attend GED classes.

Give directions at city hall.

Help victims of abuse. Training.

Stuff envelopes, pull files for traffic school.

Match sales slips and file them.

Drivers and readers: Assist blind and visually impaired clients.

Survey intersections. Training.

Repair car for partially disabled woman.

Screen for glaucoma.

Help with disaster assistance. Computer skills, public relations experience.

Amateur radio communication skills needed.

Help photocopy items in Justice Court.

Open and close restrooms and tennis courts.

Develop program to secure command post for Sandy City.

Knit sweaters for elderly, ill people.