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A judge has temporarily appointed Logan attorney Shannon Demler to represent Debra Brown, who is charged with capital murder in the shooting death of her former employer.

First Circuit Judge Clint S. Judkins said he expects Demler will be permanently appointed co-counsel with Ogden attorney John Caine, who was still checking his schedule before accepting the appointment.Judkins said the court would reset Tuesday's hearing to make permanent appointments.

Brown, 37, is accused of killing Lael Brown, 75, no relation, at his Logan home in November 1993. She was left without counsel last week when the court approved a motion by her attorneys, David Perry and Jan Malmberg, to withdraw from the case.

The two court-appointed attorneys had asked to be dismissed because a key defense witness was their former client and because they might not qualify to try a capital case.

Brown faces the death penalty or life in prison if convicted. Prosecutors have not yet said which they would seek.

Brown's preliminary hearing scheduled for this week will be reset.