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Film review: Jury Duty

"Jury Duty" is the latest outing from Pauly Shore, who abandons much of the deadhead delivery he parlayed into movie stardom with "Encino Man," "Son-in-Law" and "In the Army Now." Not that it matters, since what is left is even worse than those films.

Shore is a failed male stripper (at a club owned by his uncle, played by unbilled Andrew Dice Clay). And he's actually happier sitting at home watching "Jeopardy!" with his dog in his mother's mobile home. (His mother is played by Shelley Winters.)

When Shore receives a notice that he is to serve jury duty, he throws it away — until his mother announces she is off to get married. With no place to live, Shore retrieves the notice and finagles his way onto the jury of a lengthy, highly publicized murder trial — so he can live in a hotel and receive room service each night.

Eventually, when the rest of the jury wants to convict the alleged killer, Shore does everything he can to stall.

The trouble is, there isn't a laugh to be had in this mess, despite a competent supporting cast that includes Tia Carrere, Stanley Tucci, Brian Doyle-Murray and other familiar faces.

"Jury Duty" is rated PG-13 but should be rated R for considerable vulgarity, profanity, violence and partial nudity.