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Here we go again with the letters criticizing daylight-saving time. I remember reading several last year in the Reader's Forum and should have written a response then but just never got around to it.

I missed John Hayes' letter (Forum, April 4), but after reading Chris Graham's (Forum, April 13), I just have to give another side. Not everyone works in an office from 8 to 5 where the daylight makes no difference. My husband works out of doors and that extra hour of daylight helps tremendously. He loses enough work during the winter, so even that one hour each evening is needed. An extra hour of light in the morning doesn't help because people complain about noise if work is begun before 7 a.m.I have raised four children through daylight-saving time and they managed just fine. Get light-blocking blinds in their rooms if they can't get to sleep.

If workers are grumpy, they need to take responsibility for their own attitudes - don't blame daylight-saving time.

Cyndy McMullin