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I recently returned from a trip to one of my favorite places in the entire world: Utah's redrock country. What a world of beauty and contrast we live in if we are fortunate enough to live in Utah.

While in St. George, I noticed a discouraging trend all too often repeated in the name of development. The red hills east of the community are being seriously eroded and marred by a road that is literally a gash in the landscape and by the construction of homes on the very top of the mesa.True, homes must be built and communities will continue to grow, especially in desirable places like St. George. However, there must be limits to the destruction of what distinguishes Utah - a fantastic natural landscape.

Thomas Jefferson advised each generation of Americans to ask of themselves the question, "What are we doing with the Earth?" Unfortunately, there are those (including Rep. Jim Hansen) who seem to be insensitive to the urgency many of us feel in regards to preservation of large areas of the earth in Utah. Again, it is vital that we preserve for ourselves and for those who come after us that wondrous and peaceful wilderness we now have.

I fully support the designation of 5.7 million acres of Utah's redrock country as protected wilderness. If we fail to do this we will see Congress, business and industry destroy what makes our state uniquely beautiful. Consider how you would feel if you and members of your family could no longer enjoy the wonder and serenity of your favorite places in Utah's wide wilderness.

Dawn B. Brimley