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I've heard and read a lot of harsh words concerning our schools and the subjects taught or not taught. After today I feel a little more inclined to believe them.

As I was leaving the school, the two boys taking down the flag were not particularly careful and part fell to the ground. I pointed out that they needed to pick it up. They said they were as one of them stepped on it. The other said, "Na na na." I told them I would report them to the office, and I did. (Did school officials care? They did not.)I walked past them once more and listened to their taunts. I asked if they would like to say something to my face. One of them said yes and spouted some nonsense at me. I continued on to my car, where I sat and watched them for a minute more. They, knowing I was watching, proceeded to drop the flag two more times.

I felt that I should leave before I did something I would regret. But the feelings of anger and sadness continued to grow as I drove home.

I do not feel that I can blame the school for the disrespect shown me as an adult. That should be (and obviously has not been) taught at home. However, the blame for the disrespect with which they treated the flag I lay at the school's door. I believe that taking down the flag should be a privilege. Therefore, whoever receives that privilege should be taught the correct way to proceed.

I truly love this country and the freedoms that I enjoy here. The flag is a symbol that I hold dear and must protest when I see what I have seen this day. If I had my way those boys (and any other children who display such irreverence) would not be allowed to touch the flag unless or until they learn and display the proper respect.

Kristie Collard

West Valley City