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United Way of Utah County has raised a record amount of money through its annual campaign.

When compared with last year, donations made to the local United Way are up 6.8 percent, totaling more than $1.3 million. The campaign is still going strong."I am excited that we have already has a great campaign this year and we're not finished yet. We are anticipating that additional companies will conduct employee fund-raising campaigns this year," said Larry Ellertson, volunteer campaign chairman for United Way of Utah County. "It's wonderful that our local United Way will have two years in a row of strong donation increases."

Jared Knight, United Way of Utah County's development director, largely attributes United Way's success to its volunteers. "Every year, responsible, dedicated volunteers help with the campaign. Donors understand that United Way is the most efficient and effective way to donate to charities in Utah County because of the volunteers' enthusiasm for and knowledge of United Way."

United Way of Utah County's current fund-raising success is impressive considering that, last year, the charity's fund-raising results were up 22.1 percent. That put the local United Way second in the nation for increased donations.

"I am extremely pleased with United Way's success," said Roger Williams, senior vice president and southern divisions manager for First Security Bank and volunteer chairman of United Way of Utah County's board of directors. "The steady increase in donations that our United Way has experienced is important. It is important because each increase in donations allows for additional less-fortunate children, individuals and families to receive the help they desperately need."

"We are please to be involved with such a caring community," said Bill Hulterstrom, president of United Way of Utah County. "We are successful because Utah County residents want to assist those who need help most."