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Police appeared to outnumber revelers Friday at the start of Freaknik, the annual spring bash expected to draw as many as 200,000 people this weekend.

Because of a crackdown ordered by city officials in response to complaints of traffic gridlock and lewd and unlawful behavior last year, police were out in full force with street barricades.Authorities began closing streets downtown about 7:30 p.m. Thursday, but said they wouldn't implement the full traffic control plan until cruising got heavy.

"It was so good last year, I had to come back again to make sure I wasn't dreaming," Terry Jackson, a 25-year-old hospital worker from Hattiesburg, Miss., said Thursday.

Freaknik began in 1982 as a picnic held by the D.C. Metro Club, a group of Washington natives attending Morehouse and Spelman colleges in Atlanta.