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The City Council has approved an ordinance that bars pedestrian traffic from freeway on- and off-ramps inside the city.

The law was prompted as the result of safety concerns over Layton Elementary schoolchildren from the East View subdivision using the south Main Street I-15 on-ramp, near 900 South, to walk to school.Alex Jensen, city manager, said the safety issue surfaced after the Davis School District reduced its busing and Layton Elementary students living in East View were no longer bused to school.

The busy I-15 on-ramp is just south of Doug and Emmy's Family Restaurant and has a side road (900 South) that connects with East View.

"This is to promote a safer environment for kids going to school," Jensen said, indicating signs will soon be posted in the area and police will then enforce the no pedestrian access law there.

"The staff feels comfortable in doing this," he said.

Jensen said the Davis School District has designated the route as a legal walkway to Layton Elementary, but the Utah Department of Transportation finally confirmed that the ramp is part of the freeway system - countering several UDOT claims in recent years that it was not technically a freeway on-ramp.

Layton officials also recently learned they have the power to legally restrict foot traffic on such ramps because of safety concerns.

The city has never been pleased with the South Main Street on-ramp since it is so close to East View, several businesses and because drivers accelerate there before entering I-15.

Ethel Adams, council member, questioned whether the 900 South access road from the ramp to East View should have ever been there at all because it is unsafe.