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Gifts to education are gifts to our grandchildren, according to JoAnn Losee, who with her husband bestowed a multimillion-dollar gift on Utah Valley State College. Those children are those "who can do no harm," she said.

"I believe in the future," said Losee at the dedication ceremony for the renaming of the school's library in honor of the couple. "One must be educated in today's world so we as a community and as a team must provide a way to achieve successful education."If we take care of this college, this college will take care of our own," she said. "Without it, where are your grandchildren going to go to college?"

Losee said she and her husband are committed to seeing that others have the opportunity to experience success.

"Then they can go out and give back to those who gave to them."

Richard Losee also mentioned grandchildren when he noted that a gift to UVSC is a confirmation of his concern and love for each of them.

Terry Ann Harward, incoming student body president for UVSC and a grandmother herself, said learning "is never a singular event and this extraordinary gift will have ripple effects for generations.

"I anticipate my 9-month-old grandson will come to this college someday," said Harward.

President Kerry Romesburg said people like the Losees stand for quality and pride. He said accreditation teams always look to see if the library is up to standard.

"The library is the heart of an educational institution," said Romesburg.

Alan Ashton, chairman of the college's board of trustees, said the couple are "real-life heroes" who exhibit a quiet but deep patriotism. The exact amount of the couple's donation has not been disclosed.

Romesburg and Ashton pointed out that libraries are now learning resource centers that actually function as enrichment centers for students, media centers for teachers and broadcast centers for distance learning.

Rain showers and hailstones kept the crowd from participating in an outside unveiling but President Romesburg assured everyone that the new lettering reading "Richard and JoAnn B. Losee Learning Center" looks great!