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On the eve of their first NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars made their first trade Friday, acquiring quarterback Mark Brunell from the Green Bay Packers for two draft picks.

Brunell, a restricted free agent who backed up Brett Favre last season, became available on Thursday when negotiations with Philadelphia broke down. The Jaguars moved in and quickly reached a three-year deal with Brunell while agreeing to send third- and fifth-round picks (Nos. 66 and 170) to the Packers."We were able to maintain our four picks in the first two rounds, plus get another veteran quarterback who brings a lot to the table," said Tom Coughlin, the Jaguars coach and general manager.

The trade changed Jacksonville's strategy heading into Saturday's draft. Expected to take a quarterback with their extra pick at the end of the first round, Coughlin said he can now address other needs. The Jaguars still have 12 selections in the seven-round draft since expansion teams were granted an extra choice every round.

"There's not that pressure to take a quarterback with that 31st pick," Coughlin said, referring to his pick at the end of the first round. "Maybe we can take one further down than we intended."