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Police found up to 50 pounds of volatile chemicals used to make bombs in a hotel room Friday in San Francisco's Tenderloin District and evacuated the block while they re-moved the material.

Police evacuated about 100 people from the hotel and cleared the block while they removed chemicals, guns and hate literature from the room. Officers also found a helmet and body armor, said Lt. Ron Roth.Richard Payne, about 38, was arrested but had not been booked by Friday afternoon, Roth said.

Another resident had called police about 8 a.m. to report being threatened at gunpoint in the residential hotel.

Officers went to Payne's room to question him and saw chemicals they believed could be used to make explosives, he said.

Payne was arrested, and the bomb squad ordered the entire block evacuated.

Police removed up to 50 pounds of very volatile chemicals but left the other material in the apartment until they obtained a seach warrant.