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Federal authorities thwarted an apparent plan by a Japanese cult to release deadly nerve gas at Disneyland during the crowded Easter weekend, The Sun reported Saturday.

The plot was uncovered after authorities stopped two Japanese men at Los Angeles International Airport a few days before Easter. The men had written instructions on how to make the highly toxic gas sarin, and a videotape, the newspaper said.The two men were allegedly members of the Japanese cult suspected of releasing the same type of poison gas in the Tokyo subway system last month, killing 12 people, federal officials requesting anonymity told The Sun.

The videotape, analyzed by the FBI, contained images about the planned attack. Authorities obtained additional evidence that the attack was planned for Disneyland, The Sun reported.

Tokyo police had alerted the FBI earlier this month that two Japanese men associated with the cult Aum Shinri Kyo were flying to Los Angeles, the newspaper reported.

FBI Special Agent John Hoos in Los Angeles said he had no information about the arrest or detention of any foreign nationals in the days prior to Easter Sunday.

But he told The Sun, "If there was any type of information, I couldn't give it to you. It is our policy not to discuss anything that could be part of an ongoing investigation."