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Four days of hoping, dreaming and praying ended Saturday for the family of two little boys missing after the bombing of the federal building.

The bodies of Aaron Coverdale, 5, and his 2-year-old brother, Elijah, were taken to the Temple and Son funeral home Saturday evening, said owner John Temple.Four hours earlier, the boys' grandmother, father and uncles had spoken of their faith and hope that the boys had somehow survived Wednesday's car bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. They attended day care in the building for two years.

"I don't believe my babies are dead. I need my babies, I need them. I can't let myself think that they are dead. They are my life," said Jannie Coverdale, the grandmother.

Keith Coverdale, the boys' father, had expressed hope the boys were alive but perhaps deep down knew how slim the chances were.

"They've not only taken my kids away, they've devastated my mother," he said Saturday afternoon.

The boys stayed with their grandmother while Keith Coverdale worked as a truck driver.

The boys "made me feel needed, they made me feel useful. If I don't have Aaron and Elijah, I don't feel I'd have a life," she said.

Coverdale had said earlier his sons were very close.

"You couldn't pull them apart with tow trucks," he said. "Even though I'm hoping they're alive, it's comforting to me that they were together in life and together in death."