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A leaky fuel line was a factor in the pickup-truck fire that claimed the life of 2-year-old Robert Tyrel Miner, investigators say.

Ted Itchon of the Utah Fire Marshal's Office said the blaze originated on the left side of the 1986 four-wheel-drive extended cab truck, near one of the vehicle's two gas tanks.The fire last month consumed the rubber fuel lines, which extend from a manual switch on the gas tanks to the engine. Itchon believes the gas hoses leaked a large amount of fuel just before the fire.

How the spilled fuel ignited is still a mystery.

North expects to close the investigation and rule the death an accident once he receives the autopsy report.

Robert's mother, Margaret Miner, had left the truck running the morning of March 31 and dashed into a friend's home to drop off an item. Robert was left in the truck, strapped into a car safety seat. Moments later, the truck burst into flames.

The fireball could be seen for miles. Miner ran to the truck in an attempt to save her boy, but heat and flames drove her back.