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In Kent Jackson Fetzer's recent letter (Forum, April 9), he once again tries to shout "the sky is falling" in his comments about Rush Limbaugh. His complaint, that Limbaugh's listeners blindly follow his words without thinking, is the standard liberal response to the person that has finally stood up in the mainstream media and told it like it really is.

He quoted a recent poll that asked Limbaugh listeners why they listened. He said 2 percent listened "because they trust him more than anyone else" and 28 percent chose "entertainment." He neglected to tell us what the other 70 percent chose as their reasoning for listening to Limbaugh.Could it be that he and others deny to accept reality and the fact that people are fed up with the past 60 years of Democrats and the socialistic policies they have shoved down our throats?

It tickles me when liberals squirm, squeal and resort to name-calling. It means that they have no more issues of substance upon which they can take a stand. The moral: If you have no message, then open fire on the other messenger.

Daniel A. Chalfant