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Present value of $10,000 investment made January 5, 1995 minus fees and commissions. Rates reflect Wednesday close. Copyright 1995, The Meyers Report

Our pioneering ponies are finding the financial frontier fickle. Some are discovering profit, while others are getting scalped. Silver and 30-year T-bond, like Lewis and Clark, are both in uncharted territory. With respective gains of $1,175 and $15, they've both crossed the $11,000 mark and are in first and second. Bold Blue Chip in third, posted a $25 gain, leaving him with enough cash for the Louisiana Purchase. In fourth, OTC suffered the same fate as the Donner Party after getting stuck in the mountains all winter. He lost $155 and dropped from second to fourth. The saver steeds formed a wagon train and are slowly crossing the profit prairie. Respective gains of $11, $10 and $8 have EE Bonds, Money Market and 90-day CD in fifth, sixth and seventh. Prospector Gold struck gold while wandering in the wilds, gaining $139 and one place to move up to eighth. Lipper Mutual's pioneers were attacked by a raiding party that lopped off $102 to drop him one place to ninth. Lipper International's expedition got off to a slow start and remains in 10th, but this week's discovery of $106 was his fourth straight fiscal find.