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Four air-bag devices were among the 14 inventions by 25 Utahns that were awarded patents by the United States Patent Office. Copies of patents are available by number for $3 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, D.C. 20231. Abstracts and classifications are available at the University of Utah's Marriott Library.

- Terry Bradley, Howell. A rocker toothbrush with two tiltable bristle supports. Filed Sep. 10, 1993, a continuation of applications Jan. 14, 1993 and Mar. 29, 1991. Patent 5,398,366.- Allen L. Smith, St. George. Apparatus for setting a level, second row of tile in the tub splash. Filed June 29, 1993. Patent 5,398,423.

- Kim S. Taylor, Salt Lake City. Registration device for positioning a silkscreen frame against a smooth, flat surface. Filed Sep. 13, 1993. Patent 5,398,602.

- Steven R. Wassom, Smithfield; Girard H. Rapp, and Robert B. Smalley, both of Brigham City. Finless aerodynamic control system for a projectile. Assigned to Thiokol Corp., Ogden. Filed Oct. 12, 1993. Patent 5,398,887.

- Michael J. Ravenburg, Corinne, and David J. Green, Brigham City. Air-bag module doors having slip-in and snap-in tether attachments. Assigned to Morton International Inc., Chicago, Ill. Filed Feb. 1, 1994.

- Mark Rogers, Roy; Daniel W. Anderson, South Weber, and Melinda M. Newhouse, Kennewick, Wash. Flexible strap attachment method and apparatus for passenger air-bag module cover. Assigned to Morton International Inc., Chicago, Ill. Filed June 17, 1994. Patent 5,398,961.

- Christopher Hock, Uintah. A dual stage gas generator for inflating an air bag. Assigned to Morton International Inc., Chicago, Ill. Filed June 22, 1994. Patent 5,398,966.

- Stephen P. Watts, Orem, and M. Brent Norton, Provo. Convertible bench/table apparatus. Filed Mar. 8, 1994, a continuation of patent 5,292,172. Patent 5,398,990.

- Daniel C. Wadsworth Jr., Salt Lake City; Kelly J. Christian, Sandy; Augustus Felix, Providence, R.I.; Patricia A. Bassett, and Craig S. Nevers, both of Warwick, R.I. An implantable access port beneath the skin of a patient. Assigned to C. R. Bard Inc., Murray Hill, N.J. Filed July 29, 1992, a continuation-in-part of application Aug. 29, 1991. Patent 5,399,168.

- Ashok V. Joshi, Salt Lake City. A method for removing oxygen and nitrogen from crude argon gas. Assigned to Ceramatec Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Aug. 26, 1993. Patent 5,399,246.

- Ronald W. Kobler, Park City. Polyvinyl chloride-polyethylene terephthalate separation product. Assigned to Recovery Processes International Inc., Park City. Filed Aug. 9, 1993, a division of patent 5,234,110. Patent 5,399,433.

- David G. Guillot, Tremonton. A thermoplastic elastomeric ablative rocket motor insulation having good mechanical properties at low temperatures. Assigned to Thiokol Corp., Ogden. Filed Apr. 6, 1993. Patent 5,399,599.

- Gregory J. Lang; F. Paul Leonelli, both of Ogden, and Bradley D. Harris, Farmington. A driver's side air-bag horn-switch assembly. Assigned to Morton International Inc., Chicago, Ill. Filed Mar. 29, 1994. Patent 5,399,819.

- Mark Fernandes, Layton; Chris R. Soderstrom; Donley L. Bush, both of West Valley City, and DeeAnn Dorman, Salt Lake City. An exposure-control method for an X-ray assembly. Assigned to OEC Medical Systems Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Jan. 25, 1994, a continuation of patent 5,333,168. Patent 5,400,384.