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Police are administering polygraph tests in connection with the killing of Regina Krieger of Burley.

Cassia County sheriff's investigators have asked four or five people in Twin Falls and Cassia County to take the lie-detector test, Sheriff Billy Crystal said Thursday."We are doing polygraphs. I can't tell you who or what the results are yet. We are using them simply to eliminate certain people from being suspects, which we expect to happen," Crystal said.

"In some cases, someone who truly is a suspect admits something at the time of the polygraph," he said.

Krieger's body was found April 15 on the east bank of the Snake River 16 miles upstream from Burley. Her throat had been slashed, and she was stabbed in the heart.

A pathologist's report said Krieger has been dead for at least 30 days when her body was found. She disappeared from her father's Burley home in late February, two days before her 15th birthday. A spotty trail of blood led from her basement bedroom outdoors to a fence.

Crystal said relatives have not been ruled out as suspects.

"We do not suspect any member of the family any higher than we do any of the other suspects," he said. The family has established a reward fund.