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Not only is Mesquite the fastest growing city in Nevada, but city fathers are struggling with more than their share of decisions which will impact residents for the next 30 years.

They are in the preliminary stages of adopting a redevelopment agency which, according to state statutes, runs for 30 years.Boundaries in the city which would be affected by the adoption of a redevelopment plan have been established. Most of the public hearings have been held, with only one more public hearing, set for April 25.

If the redevelopment agency is approved, the City Council will act as the directors of the agency. The purpose of implementation of this agency will be to secure a greater percentage of property tax revenue from the county and state, which will then be used to build and upgrade public facilities and city infrastructure.

Some Mesquite residents have objected. There is concern that once the redevelopment agency has been established, the agency may take property for redevelopment in areas the agency considers blighted without proper reimbursement. Because of this concern, some residents have asked that their property be withheld from the boundaries designated for redevelopment.

Final action by the Mesquite City Council will take place during April and the month of May.