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Projects proposed by two Manti High School students to enhance the appearance of the city's north entrance have won the approval of the City Council.

That entrance, bounded on the east by the LDS Temple, on the south by the Heritage House and the Fairbanks statuary, on the west by the restored Manti House Inn and on the north by the cemetery with its towering pine trees, now has a gaping hole at its apex caused by a realignment of streets.Jeff Lindsay's project, in support of his Eagle Scout program, will include the installation of a kidney-shaped flower bed, with plantings of annuals, perennials and shrubs, grasses and new trees and some fencing in the area.

Ken Lindsay, a professional landscaper, will give his son Jeff a helping hand. Jeff Lindsay hopes to have the new vegetation in place and the flowers in bloom by midsummer. The council has agreed to fund the project up to $2,000.

Nicole "Cozy" Cox, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Cox, calls her project an Assembly of Flags. She's undertaking it in support of her candidacy for the Miss Manti crown.

"I want it to be a tribute to the Manti men and women who served in World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War and Desert Storm." she said. The flags, once flown over the White House, will line both sides of a main street in the cemetery and then turn off as they approach U.S. 89 at Manti's north entrance.

The Assembly of Flags will go on display for several occasions.

She's getting some special help, too. Her grandfather, Eric Nicholls, is a VFW member who's been involved in similar projects. He's promised to help push the project along. And so has Rep. Bill Orton, D-Utah. The city has offered to install special lighting.

Cox has already got her fund-raising campaign under way. It will buy the flags and the flagpoles. She and her grandfather will do the heavy work of installing the poles.

She hopes to have the flags flying by Veterans Day.