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An outline summarizing the interviews Brian "Kato" Kaelin gave his ghostwriter, Marc Eliot, includes numerous details Kaelin did not discuss while on the witness stand in the O.J. Simpson trial:

- Nicole Brown Simpson belittled Simpson's sexual abilities, particularly during a trip to Mexico in early 1994, at one point telling him, "I can't see you making love fives times a day when you're 60 years old."

- Kaelin quotes Nicole Simpson as saying, "One day, O.J. is going to kill me."

- Several times on June 12, Simpson told Kaelin "how lonely" he was, how he missed his children and how he was "so bored."

- As Simpson prepared to board a limousine for the airport the night of the murders, Kaelin tried to help him with a black duffel bag but Simpson "heatedly stops him, insisting on handling it himself." Prosecutors have implied that Simpson stashed bloody clothes in the bag, which has not been found.

- After Kaelin told Simpson he didn't see him go into the house after a trip to McDonald's (and therefore couldn't help with that part of his alibi), Simpson's "stare melts Kato with fear."

- After watching Simpson break down at his wife's wake, Kaelin described it as a "performance" complete with "crocodile tears."