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A Monday night boat collision on Utah Lake has left a Bluffdale man in a Salt Lake hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Robert P. Jorgensen, 26, was listed in critical condition Tuesday morning at LDS Hospital.Utah County Sheriff's Sgt. Scott Carter said Jorgensen suffered head injuries when the boat he was driving was struck about 8 p.m. Monday by a boat driven by Michael S. Alders, 27, West Valley City.

Sheriff's investigators say the two are friends and traveled to the lake Monday afternoon to test a boat that Jorgensen was interested in buying. Jorgensen test drove the boat alongside Alders' boat for more than an hour.

"Both boats were similar. They were small, high-speed boats with large outboard engines," Carter said.

Just before the two boats reached each other, both drivers turned the same direction and the boats collided. Both boats were destroyed and both drivers submerged in the freezing water. Alders suffered minor injuries and was able to rescue Jorgensen from underneath his wrecked boat. Another boater witnessed the accident and picked up the injured boaters.