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Brian "Kato" Kaelin provided his co-author with enough tawdry and damaging information about O.J. Simp-son to give defense attorneys cause for alarm and prosecutors reason to rejoice.

In a 92-point book outline of his interviews, obtained by The Associated Press, Kaelin describes Simpson's state of mind before and after the murders and says Nicole Brown Simpson feared her ex-husband would kill her.But although the outline is damaging to the defense, it doesn't appear to contradict Kaelin's sworn testimony. Legal analysts say it would be risky for prosecutors to return Kaelin to the witness stand and confront him with the statements in the outline.

"I think they would make a big mistake by stalling everything for another week with Kato Kaelin, even though TV would love it," said Loyola University law professor Stan Goldman.

With the case dragging and the sequestered jury becoming rebellious, Goldman said the prosecution may do better to proceed to the heart of its case: DNA evidence that allegedly links Simpson to the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

The outline by writer Marc Eliot, as well as 17 hours of taped interviews, have been subpoenaed by prosecutors and given to attorneys for both sides. The authenticity of the AP's copy of the outline was confirmed by three sources.

In the outline, Eliot quotes Kaelin as saying Nicole Simpson "sexually tormented" her ex-husband during a trip to Mexico in early 1994.

"She taunts him about his getting old and losing his sexual prowess and confesses to Kato that the only reason she was ever with O.J. was purely physical," the outline says.

"I can't see you making love fives times a day when you're 60 years old," Kaelin said she told Simpson.

Kaelin said that Nicole Simpson told her privately: "One day, O.J. is going to kill me."

The statements to Eliot contrast with Kaelin's dry, sometimes incoherent testimony, in which he downplayed any suggestion of trouble in the Simpsons' relationship and anything unusual about Simpson's behavior.