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Alta View Hospital-

ANDERSON, Tracy and Jeremy, Sandy, girl, April 25.

BRIZZI, Cassandra and Brent, Sandy, boy, April 25.

CAMPBELL, Connie and William, Sandy, boy, April 25.

COOPER, Kristine and James, Sandy, boy, April 25.

FLORENDO, Junniffier and Rex, Salt Lake City, boy, April 25.

HOWLETT, Lisa and Steven, Sandy, boy, April 24.

KELLY, Janet and Robert, West Jordan, girl, April 25.

LOPEZ, Joyce and Vincent, West Jordan, girl, April 25.

MOORE, Stephanie and Anthony, Sandy, girl, April 25.

NGUYEN, Trang and Sang, West Valley City, girl, April 25.

PEISLEY, Sherri and Robert, South Jordan, girl, April 25.

POWELL, Alisha and Jeffrey, Sandy, boy, April 25.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

BERNIER, Salwa and Raymond, Sandy, boy, April 21.

BLOODWORTH, Karen and Sanford, Bennion, boy, April 24.

BRYANT, Holley and Cory, West Jordan, girl, April 21.

CARLETON, Nancy, West Valley City, boy, April 24.

DICKERSON, Tammie and Bryan, Sandy, boy, April 24.

GREEN, Amy and ROWLEY, Danny, Sandy, girl, April 20.

LAMBERT, Melanie and Mark, Sandy, girl, April 23.

MARSHALL, Kristine and Mark, West Jordan, girl, April 24.

SMITH, Chandie, West Jordan, boy, April 25.

TAYLOR, Staci and Jeff, South Jordan, boy, April 24.

LDS Hospital-

BURBRIDGE, Tristan, Salt Lake City, boy, April 25.

BURGESS, Sheila, Salt Lake City, boy, April 25.

GRAYSTON, Pamela and Scott, Centerville, girl, April 25.

HOLLINGSHEAD, Connie and Russ, Alpine, boy, April 25.

JACOBSEN, Cristi and Todd, Midvale, boy, April 25.

JONES, Ann and Stephen, Salt Lake City, boy, April 25.

JONES, Anne and Raymond, Centerville, boy, April 25.

PAULSEN, Lori and Richard, Pleasant Grove, boy, April 25.

SORENSEN, Sherilyn and Gregory, Sandy, boy, April 25.

VANDERLINDEN, Tauna and Michael, Salt Lake City, girl, April 25.

Mountain View Hospital-

COOPER, Melanie and Randolf, Salem, boy, April 19.

COX, Cynthia and Jason, Provo, boy, April 18.

CURTIS, Rainee and Mark, Spanish Fork, boy, April 18.

DIXON, Holly and Dan, North Salt Lake, girl, April 19.

FRANSON, Janet and Travis, Payson, boy, April 20.

HALE, Kari and Rex, Springville, boy, April 22.

HATCH, Cindy and Ronald, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 18.

HILL, Lisa and Von, Spanish Fork, boy, April 22.

HORNBERGER, Kayelene and Kendall, Orem, girl, April 22.

JOHNSON, Elisabeth and Steven, Springville, girl, April 20.

LEWIS, Emily and Brandon, Spanish Fork, boy, April 18.

MARROTT, Yolanda and Robert, Payson, boy, April 19.

MUNOZ, Cesar and Sandee, Provo, girl, April 18.

QUARNBERG, Lisa and Christian, Mapleton, girl, April 19.

WARREN, Susan and Craig, Spanish Fork, girl, April 18.

WING, Dorene and Michael, Spanish Fork, girl, April 19.

St. Mark's Hospital-

JOSEPH, Rachelle and Robert, Sandy, twin boys, April 24.

HALL, Denece and Stephen, West Valley City, girl, April 24.

JENKINS, Angela and RICHARDSON, Gregory, Sandy, girl, April 24.

PERRI, Elizabeth and Mardi, Murray, boy, April 24.

ROTH, Joann and Phillip, Salt Lake City, boy, April 25.