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Police think they know who shot a performer from Los Angeles earlier this month, but they don't have enough evidence to charge him yet.

The 18-year-old gang member is currently in the Salt Lake County Jail on unrelated charges.On April 1, Angel Cortez was shot in the back during a concert at the Centro Civico Mexicano, 155 S. 600 West. Ironically, Cortez, a rap singer, was in Salt Lake City promoting peace amongst gangsters. Another band member was also injured in the shooting, which erupted when several young men refused to be searched at the door.

One of the teens who shot at Cortez yelled something about retaliation, but police aren't sure that has anything to do with the killing, said Lt. Scott Atkinson. Only a handful of people came forward with information after the shooting.

Police are still offering a reward for information about Cortez's killers.

Officials at Centro Civico have been worried about their annual Cinco de Mayo celebration next Friday, but Atkinson said the gang unit and Salt Lake Police Department are "taking steps to ensure it is a well-enforced night."