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A former student pleaded guilty to calling in a bomb threat to Utah State University on a day he didn't feel like taking a test.

However, David Duke, 26, won't be sentenced on the four charges if he stays out of trouble for 18 months.Duke pleaded guilty under a plea-in-abeyance deal. He was placed on probation, and the pleas won't be recorded for 18 months - if he's not involved in any other crimes.

Duke must complete counseling and pay restitution for authorities' response to the bomb threat.

Police evacuated and searched the Nutrition and Food Science building on campus Nov. 18 after Duke, who was then a student, called in a bomb threat for the building. No bomb was found.

Police connected Duke to the threat after tracing the call through a phone tap to his residence. All calls into USU police are logged, said USU Police Sgt. Joe Izatt.

Duke told police he made the bomb threat because he didn't feel like taking a test that day, Izatt said.

Duke pleaded guilty Monday to threatening life or property, a third-degree felony, and three misdemeanors.