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The Dimple Dell Advisory Board is drafting a 10-point agreement it wants included with the new annexation petition the county submitted to Sandy.

The interlocal agreement spells out measures the board believes will ensure the park stays a pristine, natural open space if it becomes part of Sandy. Board members plan to meet Friday with county and Sandy representatives to hammer out details of the pact.The items the board wants addressed in the agreement include:

- Whether the board itself will continue and how it will function

- Inclusion of the park's mission statement and master plan with the annexation petition, which among other things specifically prohibits development of a golf course in the park

- Assurance that the park will continue to allow equestrian activities

- A requirement that Sandy zone the park to protect it as open space

- A statement assuring Sandy will help finance park projects

- Acknowledgment that Sandy will provide fire and police protection in the park

- Agreement that Sandy will respect and reaffirm water rights owned by the county in the park

- A statement requiring power lines that pass through the park to be buried. The county and Sandy City agreed Monday to slow down the annexation to give the advisory board, several community councils and the public a chance to review the proposal.

That eased tensions with the Dimple Dell Advisory Board, which was furious at not being apprised of the county's plans to ask Sandy to annex the park.

Board Chairman John Shakula said he had a brief, "conceptual" talk with Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan and Councilwoman Judy Bell about the idea three or four months ago and then heard nothing more - until last week. In that brief conversation, Shakula said he made it clear that he would not support the county relinquishing planning responsibility for the park.

"Certainly Commissioner Brent Overson and I have never talked about it, nor had the issue ever come up at a Dimple Dell Park board meeting," Shakula said.

The 14-member board met Monday with Overson and Dolan.

"There appears to be a high degree of support in the county and the city to protect the park," Shakula said. "They (Sandy) have not acknowledged publicly the sanctity of the natural area. By adopting the master plan, they'll be able to show good faith in their intentions for the future of the park."


Additional Information

Water district property excluded from petition

The Salt Lake County Commission agreed Wednesday to exclude property owned by the White City Water Improvement District from its petition asking Sandy to annex Dimple Dell Park.

The water district owns five pieces of property within the park on which its wells are located.

Paulina Flint, chairwoman of the water district, told the commission Monday its annexation petition, approved by the county April 17, was invalid because it included the district's property but failed to get the district to sign off on the petition.

"By excluding the well sites, it resolves some of the concerns of the district," said Paul Ashton, attorney for the water district. If the annexation goes forward, the water district may still have to deal with Sandy to get permission to build an underground reservoir at the east end of the park. Ashton said the water district has other possible sites for the project outside the park.

The commission also approved a map of the area it wants Sandy to consider annexing - something it failed to do when it initially forwarded the petition to the city.