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Nearly four out of 10 Americans fear the federal government threatens their liberties, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Wednesday.

The poll said 39 percent of people asked think "the federal government has become so large and powerful it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens." A majority, 58 percent, did not think so and 3 percent had no opinion.However in a follow-up question of whether citizens should be allowed to arm and organize themselves to resist powers of the federal government, an overwhelming 78 percent said no while 19 percent said yes.

The questions were asked of 496 people Sunday and Monday, a Gallup spokeswoman said.

Those polled were also asked if they felt Republican leaders in Congress who have criticized the government have "encouraged the people responsible for the bombing in Oklahoma City."

Eighty-eight percent said that the perpetrators would have blown up the building regardless while 8 percent felt that Republican leaders encouraged the bombers.