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There are a number of reasons why we should secure our borders from the flood of illegal immigrants.

First is crime prevention. Nearly all of the drug pushers arrested in a recent Salt Lake drug bust were illegal aliens. It seems that the drug lords are using them as the marketing arm for their drugs. Tighter border control would produce better drug control.Second is disease control. Regulations now permit those who are infected with the AIDS virus and tuberculosis to enter the United States. They increase our exposure to these diseases.

Third is the cost to the taxpayers. Illegals are paid welfare benefits, Medicaid, job and language training. I read that some have applied for compensation under the Earned Income Tax Credit provision, which is intended to assist low-income families.

A large number of illegal aliens who commit crimes are sentenced to prison, for which the taxpayers foot the bill. Why not return them to their own country and not place them on parole here?

David E. Fullmer

Salt Lake City