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What? Gov. Mike Leavitt accused of a conspiracy to overthrow our government? How dare anyone campaign for states rights (a constitutional principle) or for anything else that goes contrary to the ideology of the extreme right wing? These groups have set up their own tribunal, make their own judgments and let the ax fall. Their attacks are vicious and clever.

Years ago when they shouted "fire," they did have my undivided attention. But after so many false alarms, I hardly even bother to look up any more. It sounds like the same old song. In the 1950s, we in the Utah State Dental Association campaigned for fluoridation as a proven effective method of preventing tooth decay. We felt that we were giving of our time and means in unselfish service, and yet we were accused by some of these groups of being conspirators in a communist plot to "soften the brains of Americans."I knew this to be an absolute falsehood and I thought at the time, "Well, if they are so wrong on this issue, they could be wrong about a lot of others."

As a citizen, I have been concerned for many years over the federal government usurping the rights that were guaranteed by the Constitution to belong to the states. I was thrilled with Gov. Leavitt's inspired move to get those rights back where they belong. I have both written and called the governor's office to express my support. How dismaying to have those claiming to defend the Constitution destroy this opportunity.

By what criteria do they make their judgments? It reminds me of the fraudulent book, "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion," that Hitler used to fan public hatred of the Jewish people and become elected chancellor of Germany, with the results we all well know.

May the actions of these groups serve to awake us citizens to the dangers of unfounded judgments and mass hysteria. The Founding Fathers were good, practical men inspired by God with common sense and a profound respect for the truth. We are in desperate need of those qualities today. Let's work together to uphold the Constitution and our freedom with goodwill, harmony, a love for the truth and a willingness to do our own thinking.

Don S. Robertson

Spanish Fork