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National Institute of Health geneticist Dean Harmer, whose landmark study linked genes and sex-ual orientation, will discuss his research at the Conference on Sexuality and Homosexuality, which will be held at the University of Utah Friday and Saturday, April 28 and 29.

His research is the first study to indicate a correlation between the presence of the XQ28 chromosome and homosexuality.The conference is sponsored by the Graduate School of Social Work and Family Fellowship and will explore diverse issues of sexuality. Papers and discussions will also include the coming-out process for gays, lesbians and their families, AIDS, sexuality and the law, gay and lesbian relationships, public education issues, personal perspectives on sexuality and more.

Family Fellowship, an LDS support group, is sponsoring a social gathering for parents of gays and lesbians to be held in conjunction with the conference.

The interchange, scheduled for Little America Hotel, seeks to provide parents of gays and lesbians with the chance to meet other parents, share experiences, gather information and access support and information resources on same-sex orientation.

Participants will have a Friday evening buffet with the conference guest faculty before the keynote address. After the Saturday conference, a program will be held at 8 p.m. at the hotel, where parents will share personal stories. They'll gather again Sunday morning for brunch and small-group sharing time. Topics range from sharing stories to changed perspectives, political efforts, celibacy and/or cures.

For registration information and the schedule, call Gerry Johnston at 568-1141.