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Spring student enrollment at Southern Utah University has reached nearly 5,000.

With an enrollment of 4,806 paying students registered through the Cedar City campus, the total number of students attending SUU this spring exceeds all other spring quarters. Fall quarter enrollment at SUU was 5,026.The solid growth in both the total number of students enrolled and in the amount of credit they are taking characterizes the spring quarter enrollment report at SUU. The increase of 642 students over spring quarter 1994 represents a 15.42 percent increase in total students. The number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students jumped by 305.

The FTE enrollment is determined by dividing the total number of credits for which all students register by 15.

"We are maintaining a pattern of growth, not only in the number of students who choose to attend SUU, but also in the number of students who register for enough hours to qualify for full-time status," Mark Barton, assistant vice president of student services, said. "The FTE portion of this report indicates that we are continuing to grow in students who are taking full - 15 credit hours or more - class schedules."

"Growth is a healthy indicator for the university, and we are pleased with the type of growth we are experiencing," said Gerald R. Sherratt, SUU president. "In addition to attracting more students, we are apparently enrolling students who are interested in carrying significant academic loads. Spring quarter is when we typically have our smallest student body, but now we are pushing an enrollment of 5,000 in the spring."

This spring's increases continue a pattern of growth in recent years. Last year's FTE enrollment for spring quarter was up 6.5 percent over spring of 1993, and "headcount" enrollment jumped by 21.7 percent in that same time frame.