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A bridge damaged by heavy trucks in western Millard County has prompted the county's road supervisor to review and emphasize allowable maximum weight limits on six bridges and three area roads.

"The bridge is on the Deseret-Harding Road, used by truckers traveling north from a lime plant, bypassing Delta and cutting across to I-15," said Thayne Henrie, county road supervisor. "They haul a lot of lime from the plant, and most of the trucks come this way."Truckers mainly use U-257, between Delta and Milford, Beaver County, in getting to other highways and hauling the product to the northern part of the state.

Henrie said he called the problem to the attention of trucking companies, particularly Robinson Transport Inc. and Barney Trucking Inc. headquartered in Salina, Sevier County. "They were good about it, (and) I don't think there will be any conflict over it," the road supervisor added.

Although it has been in effect for some time, the law requires review and announcements regarding the load weight limits every three years. "It was brought to a head this year when the bridge was damaged by the heavy trucks," Henrie said.

Three western Millard County roads have five-ton them while limits vary from 5 to 25 tons on the five bridges that are of concern. Henrie said load weight limits will be enforced, warning that violators will be cited.

Roads with maximum five-ton limits include collector road 1920, about 10 miles between the junctions of U-257 and U.S. 50 east-west on 4500 South; collector road 1948 north-south about eight miles between the Sutherland River Bridge and the junction of U-174 at the Intermountain Power Plant intersection; and 10 miles north-south on a county road between the junctions of U.S. 50 near McCormick and U-124 two miles west of Oak City.

Bridges with 25-ton limits are on Lynn Lane at about 5500 N.12500 East and on the Leamington Bench Road at about 12250 E. 11500 North.

Henrie noted 10-ton limits are in effect on the bridge at 700 Shepherd Lane and on the Sevier River Bridge on the Leamington Road at about 12500 N. 16000 East. Five-ton maximums are on bridges at the Leamington Cemetery at 11500 N. 1700 East and the Canal Bridge on Taylor Flat Road at about 11000 N. 14000 East.