It was with interest that I appraised your report regarding the Easter weekend in St. George. The headline, "St. George springs at Breakers" indicates that law officers, medical personnel, food handlers and many others are anxious to spend the holiday weekend away from their families and usual activities to be ready to pounce on the unobtrusive young people who wish to spend their weekend here.

Not true. If only from sheer numbers, these people are compelled to carry out their designated jobs as usual, and hence it is good planning and wise judgment to solicit some extra help. For the most part these young people are having a good time and behaving very well, but I suspect if you could review police/court records you would find far more tickets for lewdness, minors with alcohol, drugs, traffic violations and accidents, and even more serious violations than the isolated "jaywalking" incident that you chose to focus on.It is of concern that the way in which the media project any particular subject determines how it is perceived by most readers/viewers and often taints the real issues.

Ethel Isaacson

St. George