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A letter printed in the Reader's Forum on April 11 really sickened and outraged me. A student from a junior high wrote in about letting wolves back into Yellowstone. The student was very much for it because, as she put it, "They were here first."

It is obvious to me, as a parent of six, that this young student has been brainwashed through the teaching of environmentalism in schools. The student did not employ logical thinking, she just automatically assumed that the wolves had some sort of an inborn right to the land.The wolves have adjusted to their new habitat outside of the Yellowstone area. More than 20 generations of wolves have died since they were first evacuated. Yet some think that wolves who have not lived on certain terrain in more than 100 years have more right to land than cattle and cattle ranchers who live on it now.

The student got mad over the fact that people could get upset over the death of a "measly cow." What has this student been taught? This was obviously not rational thinking. We should stop teaching environmentalism in schools, and if young people actually logically deduct for themselves that we need to give land back to vicious canines, then so be it. I am confident though, that none of my six kids would ever come up with such conclusions (I would ground them if they did).

Sue Tonym