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Library patrons can now use several new services at the Provo Library for improved research and access to information.

The library now provides access to the Internet through the library's in-house computers. Operating through Windows, users now have access to information ranging from President Clinton's daily schedule to daily airline schedules.Patrons can also access an online dictionary and an electronic bulletin board listing community and civic organization events. The library's magazine and newspaper holdings can be searched through the new Serials Search System.

The children's department is now using KidsCat, a fun and easy computer program used in searching for children's books. The program lists books by categories and has a map showing children where to locate the book.

Patrons with home computers can now connect to the library's online catalog system and search for books and resources from the convenience from their homes.

"We feel these changes are important because they will allow us to expand our services outside of the library walls," Library Director Julie Farnsworth said.