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The man who bought Dizzy Gillespie's famous bent- bell trumpet (bent when a party guest tripped over it) for $63,000 at auction at Christie's East says he might even try to play it.

The buyer, Jeffrey M. Brown, a builder who lives in Manhattan and Philadelphia, said he bought it because he is a lifelong admirer of the musician. A drummer (for fun only) himself, he said, "I have a great interest in jazz, and this particular trumpet is sort of a symbol of jazz history that can't be duplicated. I will keep it in my apartment in New York - and I might even try to play it."Other instruments owned by renowned musicians were sold, too. Coleman Hawkins' tenor saxophone brought $19,550 and Dexter Gordon's soprano sax went for $10,925. But a guitar owned by Elvis Presley was withdrawn because no one bid high enough.