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Two third-grade girls who each gave their only dollar to a neighbor who'd just been burglarized were honored Saturday for their generosity and thoughtfulness.

Heather Reese and Melissa Davenport received a Special Recognition award at West Jordan's annual Good Neighbor Fair for consoling Douglas Credille after vandals burglarized and ransacked his home last April.As officers were getting details of the midday burglary, the girls rode up on their bicycles and handed Credille envelopes on which they'd written notes expressing sorrow that he'd been "robbed."

"Inside each of the envelopes was a dollar bill, which I later learned was their own money," Credille wrote in a letter nominating the girls for the award.

"They hadn't known me beforehand, and therefore had no social or other reason to treat me so kindly," he wrote. "They are wonderful examples of how people, especially neighbors, ought to treat each other."

"They were sweethearts, they really were, using their own money and taking the time to come over. It's been about a year now, and it's still one of the nicest thing I've ever noticed," he said this week.

Which is why Penny Knight, chairwoman of the Good Neighbor Committee, said her group opted to give the award in addition to the formal Good Neighbor Award presented to 20-year resident Dean Williams.

"All we hear lately are the negatives about kids - it's nice to see the positives," Knight said.

Residents nominated Williams, who lives at 8104 S. 3800 West, for the Good Neighbor award because of help he offered fixing appliances, roofing homes and repairing wiring and electrical problems in his community's homes.

"I know of three homes in this neighborhood he has roofed for single moms," wrote Bamilee Adams in her nomination letter.

Suzanne Kautz was one Williams helped when her roof needed repair. "He never asked for money or reward. . . . He helps because he wants to, not because he has to or is paid to," she wrote.

Resident Jerome Jeppson's electrical wiring was destroyed in a fire last fall. Williams repaired much of the system himself, then showed Jeppson how to fix the rest himself.

Awards were presented as part of the Good Neighbor Fair in the city's Main City Park.